Am I Mohamed Soufan, Mohammad Soufan or Mohamad Soufan?

Am I Mohamed Soufan, Mohammad Soufan or Mohamad Soufan?

In the dynamic and diverse world of technology, names are as unique as the code written by a software engineer. They carry the weight of identity, culture, and personal branding. As a Lebanese software engineer, my name is my signature in both the physical and digital realms: Mohamed Soufan, Mohamad Soufan, and Mohammad Soufan—each one an iteration of myself.

The variations of my name are a tapestry of cultural threads, each spelling weaving its own narrative.

They are a testament to the rich diversity within the Arabic language and the transliteration challenges it presents when converted to the Roman alphabet.

The Soufan Algorithm: Mohamad Soufan

In the lexicon of Lebanese Arabic, ‘Mohamad Soufan’ is the version that feels most at home.

It’s the way my name is pronounced in the tech hubs of Beirut, where traditional language meets the modern syntax of programming.

This spelling is a nod to authenticity, echoing the Arabic pronunciation that’s been passed down through generations.

Global Variable: Mohamed Soufan

‘Mohamed Soufan‘ is the syntax recognized on the global stage.

It’s the form that appears on international patents, in the bylines of published research, and within the global tech network.

This spelling is my universal identifier, much like a universally understood piece of code that runs seamlessly in any country’s system.

The Detailed: Mohammad Soufan

‘Mohammad’, with its double ‘m’ and ending ‘d,’ feels like the most complete version.

It’s the one that resonates with a sense of completeness and is often used by those who want to ensure that every phonetic piece of the name is given its due.

The Professional Dilemma

Professionally, the spelling of one’s name can impact everything from Google search results to LinkedIn connections.

I’ve had to consider SEO when publishing articles, consistency for my personal brand, and the ease of recall for my audience.

It’s a balancing act between personal preference and professional pragmatism.

A Name Compiled: Mohamad, Mohammad and Mohamed Soufan

So, am I Mohamed, Mohammad, or Mohamad Soufan? The answer is not straightforward.

It depends on where I am, who I’m with, and what I’m doing.

But regardless of the spelling, each version of my name is a piece of me, an acknowledgment of my past, and a passport to my future.

The next time you meet someone with a name that seems to shift in spelling, remember that each variation is more than just a collection of letters—it’s a story, a history, and a unique identity.

And for me, whether it’s MohamedMohamad, or Mohammad, each one is a name I wear with pride.


Who is Mohamad Soufan?

Mohamed Soufan is a highly skilled software engineer in Lebanon, specializing in mobile app development and AI chatbot creation. As a top web development voice on LinkedIn, Mohamed has a deep understanding of mobile app technologies and artificial intelligence, making him a trusted expert in these domains.

What is Mohamed Soufan known for?

Mohamed Soufan Ranks in the top 5% among 1.6 million AI Engineers globally, based on LinkedIn assessment.

How to contact Mohamad Soufan?

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