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Security concerns

Using Passkeys for Authentication: Security Concerns

Absolutely, like any technology that’s supposed to tighten the bolts on the door to our digital lives, passkeys come with their...
Mohamed Soufan
1 min read
An image depicting a pair of hands holding a smartphone with a display of colorful, non-branded application icons. In the softly illuminated background, the blurred silhouettes of a diverse group of app developers are engaged in their work. The scene is cast in a palette of dark and blue shades, symbolizing the merger of creativity and technology in the mobile app version development process.

How do websites like Facebook, YouTube, etc., make a mobile app version?

Websites like Facebook and YouTube create a mobile app version through a development process that adapts their services to the functionalities...
Mohamed Soufan
22 sec read

How often should I change my password to keep my account safe?

How often you should change your password depends on the sensitivity of the information that you are protecting, as well as...
Mohamed Soufan
59 sec read