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Website Development

Photorealistic 4K image of a neglected digital office, where shadows dominate. A fractured computer monitor casts a weak luminescence, revealing a chilling '404'. Cobwebs, like silent witnesses, extend from the monitor, intertwining with a dust-coated keyboard. A tarnished mouse rests beside a lifeless plant. The scene resonates with a haunting sense of abandonment, metaphorically illustrating a website's lapse and desertion.

Hilarious Common Website Mistakes That Actually Kill Your Online Presence

We’ve all been there—when clicking on a link, excited to explore a website, only to be greeted by the dreaded “404...
Mohamed Soufan
1 min read
High-definition photo of an office desk in disarray. Two monitors dominate the scene. The left displays a pristine website, a testament to professional design, while the right is marred by a chaotic website layout with glaring design issues. A price tag, shockingly low, is attached to the flawed design, hinting at its cheap origin. Amidst the clutter, crumpled papers labeled 'Client Feedback' lie scattered, symbolizing the repercussions of opting for inexpensive web services.

The Hidden Risks of Cheap Web Development Services in Lebanon

Recently, in Lebanon, there has been a growing trend towards using cheap web development services. These services promise quick and cost-effective...
Mohamed Soufan
7 min read

Why You Need To Stop Using Shopify Now

Shopify has its advantages and disadvantages, but it is without a doubt one of the largest eCommerce platforms on the internet....
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read
Photo of a deep blue background that subtly transitions to a soft purple at the bottom. In the center, there is a 3D WordPress logo that glows gently. To the left and right of the logo, there are two translucent shields reflecting ambient light, representing protection. The overall feel of the image is one of security and assurance, embodying the safety of WordPress.

Powerful Steps To Make Your WordPress Website Safer

WordPress security is a subject that every website owner should take extremely seriously. Google adds around 10,000 domains to its blacklist...
Mohamed Soufan
8 min read

Using WordPress Can Actually Empower Your Online Business

When you want to invest in an online business, website creation technologies can be really confusing. There are a lot of...
Mohamed Soufan
5 min read