There are plenty of mistakes that can make your page reach fewer people on Facebook, and some of them can even ruin your online presence. In this article, I’m going to list the most common mistakes that directly affect your Facebook marketing in a very negative way.
If you’re doing any of these, please, you need to stop right now!

1. Using Your Profile Account for Business

This may be the most unforgivable mistake on Facebook, and it may lead to account suspension, as Facebook is offering a better way to advertise and promote your business than using a profile — that’s right! Facebook Pages.
If you are using a profile, you can switch it to a page and turn your friends into fans.

Why you shouldn’t use a Facebook profile for business

  • It’s not allowed on Facebook. This means that if someone reports your account and you don’t switch it into a page, it will be suspended by Facebook.
  • Your business will look cheap and unprofessional.
  • You cannot have more than 5,000 friends on your profile.
  • You cannot boost your profile to reach more people using paid advertising.
  • You don’t have access to insights, analytics tools, and all the great features available for pages.

2. Selling Too Much


Facebook is highly recommended for selling, but it’s a social media platform. Making all your posts directly related to your product can actually make you reach fewer people. You can post other stuff like fun facts about the industry you work for, information your audience finds important, event-related information, and anything that makes your audience engage more with your page because engagements drive sales, and makes people interested in your products and services.

3. Incomplete Profile & Less Information

Incomplete Profile

If you are running a small business, people want to make sure they’re dealing with a trustworthy company. They want to know more about your team, and where you are located if you have a brick-and-mortar business model. They will also want to check your online presence in case you work virtually. Make sure your ‘About’ page has sufficient information about your business, and also make sure to add your website, as that helps your page rank higher on search engines.

4. Posting During Bad Times

You can schedule your posts to be published at a specific time on Facebook.

Your audience is following many other pages, and some of those pages are your competitors. If you don’t want your post to be lost in their busy timelines, you will need to be careful about the timing of your posts.
Ask yourself the following questions:

  • When does my audience use Facebook?
  • What do my fans do for work? Are they entrepreneurs, employees, moms and dads, etc.?

When you find the answers, you’ll know at what times they use Facebook, and once you find the correct timing, you can start posting accordingly, and reach them better.

You can schedule your posts to be published at a specific time on Facebook.

5. Desperately Begging for Likes

begging for likes

Tell me, when was the last time you shared/liked a post just because a brand was begging you to?
This is a deadly mistake; your audience will see how desperate you are when you ask them to engage with your posts. Facebook will bury such posts! Plus, you’re not allowed to ask for likes, comments, sharing, or any kind of engagement on the posts you advertise.
— Asking people to comment to receive more details about your product is also forbidden in advertised posts. By the way, it’s a ‘begging-for-likes’ thing, too.

6. Using the Boost Button

Boost button

Clicking the boost button will make you reach more people, which may drive sales to your business. But do your goal ends involve reaching more people? Is this the only thing your business needs? I don’t think so.

The boost button makes you reach almost random people who are not interested in your business, or at least people not interested enough to buy from it. Reaching those people will give you engagements, but most of the time it won’t drive sales, which is a huge problem because you’re spending money and not getting sales. This is why most of our clients were not convinced to advertise on Facebook when we first talked about their marketing plan. Most of them used to ‘boost’ their pages for years, and it only drove them engagements and a few sales at a very high cost! Things got very different when we started using Power Editor to drive sales and promote their businesses the right way.

If you don’t want to hire an expert or an advertising agency and you want to target the right people with advanced targeting tools, use Facebook’s Ads Manager instead of clicking the simple boost button; this will drive results (well, not from the first day, as you need to learn some working strategies first ) better than just ‘boosting’ your page.


All the mistakes above are very easy to make and can waste your time and money and ruin your online presence. However, avoiding them is also easy if you keep focusing on each of them and work properly on Facebook to achieve your goals.
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