Mohammad Soufan

An illustration for city with billboards holding the title 'SEO' to represent the power of Local SEO in Lebanon.

SEO in Lebanon: Google Ranking, DIY SEO in Lebanon, Personal Experience, and Tips for Connecting With The Right Audience.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, establishing a strong online presence is paramount for the growth and success of businesses, no matter...
Mohamed Soufan
16 min read
In the foreground, a diverse group of people collaborates around a glowing AI circuit board, representing the challenges and innovation in AI Companies in Lebanon.

AI Companies in Lebanon – Wait, What?!

AI Companies in Lebanon present a facade of technological progress. However, deeper analysis reveals significant investment risks and underlying challenges in...
Mohamed Soufan
4 min read
a frustrated person in Lebanon looking at their phone with a displeased expression, surrounded by floating, intrusive SMS notifications. The image represents SMS Marketing in Lebanon.

Is SMS Marketing in Lebanon Worth It?

In the vibrant and competitive landscape of Lebanon’s markets, a crucial yet often overlooked struggle is unfolding for consumer attention. Central...
Mohamed Soufan
3 min read
image of a laptop with coding on the screen, alongside a notepad or journal, representing the blend of technical skill and creative endeavor. Representing the importance of tech writing.

Tech Writing: My Lead-Generating Journey

In the early months of 2020, while the world grappled with the uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID-19, I found...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read
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Am I Mohamed Soufan, Mohammad Soufan or Mohamad Soufan?

As the sun dips below the Mediterranean horizon, casting a warm glow over the cedar-dotted landscape of Lebanon, I find myself...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read