Analyzing Rabia Al Zayyat Show at Al Jadeed TV about Device Hacking by a Lebanese Hacker.

Analyzing Rabia Al Zayyat’s Cybersecurity Episode at Al Jadeed TV “فوق ال 18”

In a recent episode of a popular program on Al Jadeed TV, hosted by Rabia Al Zayyat, viewers witnessed a segment...
Mohamed Soufan
6 min read
Ultra-realistic photo of a shadowy hacker's hand skillfully manipulating the strings of a marionette puppet. The puppet, faceless and generic, embodies the anonymity found in social engineering. The environment is thick with mystery, accentuating the hidden methods of hackers in social engineering.

Social Engineering: Unmasking The Scary Deception in Hacking

Social engineering in hacking is fundamentally a form of manipulation that skillfully taps into the very human aspects of trust, empathy,...
Mohamed Soufan
7 min read

What Is CAPTCHA And Why It’s Important

What is Captcha? CAPTCHA is an acronym that stands for ‘completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart’...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read
Photo of a deep blue background that subtly transitions to a soft purple at the bottom. In the center, there is a 3D WordPress logo that glows gently. To the left and right of the logo, there are two translucent shields reflecting ambient light, representing protection. The overall feel of the image is one of security and assurance, embodying the safety of WordPress.

Powerful Steps To Make Your WordPress Website Safer

WordPress security is a subject that every website owner should take extremely seriously. Google adds around 10,000 domains to its blacklist...
Mohamed Soufan
8 min read