The ultimate Guide to social media advertising in Lebanon 2024

2024 Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing in Lebanon

Discover the essentials of advertising in Lebanon with this guide on social media strategies and insights for effective marketing with Mohamed...
Mohamed Soufan
14 min read
Analyzing Rabia Al Zayyat Show at Al Jadeed TV about Device Hacking by a Lebanese Hacker.

Analyzing Rabia Al Zayyat’s Cybersecurity Episode at Al Jadeed TV “فوق ال 18”

In a recent episode of a popular program on Al Jadeed TV, hosted by Rabia Al Zayyat, viewers witnessed a segment...
Mohamed Soufan
6 min read
Is Lebanon the tech hub of the middle east?

Is Beirut, Lebanon Really Becoming a Tech Leader in the Middle East? Let’s Think Again.

These days, a lot of people are saying that Lebanon could be the tech hub in the Middle East. This idea...
Mohamed Soufan
21 min read
Robots with Lebanese flag skin to represent AI chatbots in Lebanon.

AI Chatbots in Lebanon for Small Businesses.

AI chatbots in Lebanon are gaining popularity among small businesses. I’ve noticed an increasing number of businesses reaching out to software...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read
the image of a highly detailed and ultra-realistic Lebanese robot, designed with a blend of traditional Lebanese cultural elements and advanced technology, to represent chatbot development in Lebanon.

Chatbot Development in Lebanon: Navigating the Challenges and Opportunities

AI Chatbots are becoming more popular every day. A lot of businesses around the world are using AI chatbots for customer...
Mohamed Soufan
6 min read
a frustrated person in Lebanon looking at their phone with a displeased expression, surrounded by floating, intrusive SMS notifications. The image represents SMS Marketing in Lebanon.

Is SMS Marketing in Lebanon Worth It?

In the vibrant and competitive landscape of Lebanon’s markets, a crucial yet often overlooked struggle is unfolding for consumer attention. Central...
Mohamed Soufan
4 min read