TikTok's Impact on Lebanon's Economy: 2024 Study

Explore the 2024 study on TikTok's sweeping impact in Lebanon, highlighting how digital influencers are reshaping the economy and digital culture. Discover key findings on their earnings and market influence.

TikTok's Impact on Lebanon's Economy: 2024 Study

In the ever-evolving world of social media, TikTok has emerged as a powerhouse, particularly in Lebanon where influencers are not just shaping trends but also contributing significantly to the economy.

This study, initiated at the request of Emad Chidiac, a noted journalist in economy at asasmedia.com, delves into the analytics behind TikTok's influence in Lebanon. The study aims to examine everything from influencer income and demographics to their broader economic impact, providing a comprehensive look at how this platform is intertwining with the fabric of Lebanon's economy.

TikTok Statistics in Lebanon 2024

Annual Income of Top TikTok Influencers in Lebanon

TikTok has become a lucrative platform for influencers in Lebanon, with top earners significantly outpacing average incomes in many traditional sectors. Research shows that the average annual income for these influencers is around $224,000. However, the top echelon of TikTok celebrities in Lebanon can earn up to a staggering $2 million per year.

Demographics of TikTok Influencers

Lebanon boasts a diverse group of 781 active TikTok influencers, with audiences ranging extensively in size from 50,000 to an impressive 25 million followers. This diversity not only highlights the platform's reach but also its ability to cater to a wide array of interests and niches within the Lebanese market.

Engagement Rates Among Lebanese TikTok Influencers

Engagement rate is a vital metric in the influencer marketing sphere, reflecting the level of interaction an influencer generates with their content.

In Lebanon, TikTok influencers have engagement rates ranging from 4.6% to 17.7%, with an average rate of about 10%. This high engagement is indicative of the impactful presence these influencers have.

Economic Contribution of TikTok Influencers

The top 200 TikTok influencers in Lebanon are estimated to generate around $100 million annually, while the remaining 731 influencers contribute at least an additional $50 million. This total of approximately $150 million per year underscores the significant economic impact of TikTok influencers in the national economy.

TikTok Usage Demographics in Lebanon

As of April 2024, there are approximately 3.92 million TikTok users in Lebanon, predominantly within the 18-24 age group, which makes up 75% of the user base. This demographic is followed by the 25-34 age range at 22%, illustrating a predominantly young user base engaging with content.

Gender Distribution Among TikTok Users

The gender distribution on TikTok in Lebanon leans heavily towards male users, who make up 69.1% of the platform's user base, while female users account for 30.9%. This skew provides insights into the content preferences and influencer strategies on the platform.

Preferred Mobile Carriers and Devices for TikTok in Lebanon

Understanding the technological preferences of TikTok users can be crucial for targeted advertising and content delivery. In Lebanon, the primary mobile carriers are Touch and Alfa, which likely handle the bulk of data traffic for TikTok usage. Popular devices among users include the Huawei Y7 Prime 2018, Tecno Spark Go 2020, and Huawei Y9 2019.

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What is Asasmedia?

Asasmedia.com is a news website based in Lebanon, known for its focus on political and economic topics and current events in the region. It was founded in 2020. The website is managed by Mohamad Barakat and has attracted attention due to threats received by its managing editor following his public criticism of influential figures in Lebanon, reflecting the challenging media environment in the country.

Who is Emad Chidiac?

Emad Chidiac is a writer and journalist specializing in Lebanese economic affairs. He holds a BA in Political and Administrative Sciences and a diploma in International Relations and Diplomacy. He has written for Al-Mustaqbal newspaper, Al-Modon, and Lebanon Debate in Lebanon, as well as for notable Arab websites including Al-Jazeera, Al-Quds Al-Arabi, Arabi 21, and Elaph. Additionally, he has contributed to the American website, IranWire. He has conducted numerous research studies and has been involved in projects at prominent centers, most notably the Arab Report and the Mashreq Center for Strategic Studies. He now writes for Asasmedia.com.


TikTok has transcended its origins as a mere platform for entertainment, asserting itself as a formidable force in the economic landscape of Lebanon. This study, commissioned by Emad Chidiac, has illuminated the substantial contributions made by TikTok influencers—from their impressive earnings to their expansive reach and engagement. It is clear that these digital pioneers are not only influencers in the traditional sense but also significant economic agents, collectively generating substantial revenue and influencing both market trends and cultural dynamics. As Lebanon continues to navigate its digital future, the role of TikTok and its community of influencers is undeniable, marking an era where social media platforms are key players in shaping both economic and digital landscapes.