Google Logo with chat icons around it to represent ChatGPT Keyword Prompts for SEO and Google Ranking.

Boosting Google Ranking with ChatGPT Keyword Prompts: Tips by Mohamed Soufan

If you’re a blogger, you undoubtedly understand the significance of keyword research and how it can enhance your search engine rankings....
Mohamed Soufan
5 min read
An illustration for city with billboards holding the title 'SEO' to represent the power of Local SEO in Lebanon.

SEO in Lebanon: Google Ranking, DIY SEO in Lebanon, Personal Experience, and Tips for Connecting With The Right Audience.

In today’s fast-paced digital world, establishing a strong online presence is paramount for the growth and success of businesses, no matter...
Mohamed Soufan
16 min read
An ultra-realistic and detailed depiction of the concept 'SEO and AI Chatbots: Personal Journey.' The image should feature a humanoid AI chatbot, represented in a modern, sleek design, engaged in a conversation with a diverse group of people. The chatbot is surrounded by symbols and icons representing SEO (search engine optimization), such as keywords, search bars, and web analytics graphs. The background should illustrate a digital landscape, symbolizing the internet and digital technology. The style should be futuristic and high-tech, reflecting the theme of advanced AI and SEO. The resolution should be in 4K quality.

SEO and AI Chatbots: Personal Journey

A Shift in Information Seeking Habits The way we seek information online is undergoing a profound transformation. Once upon a time, Google...
Mohamed Soufan
1 min read
image of a laptop with coding on the screen, alongside a notepad or journal, representing the blend of technical skill and creative endeavor. Representing the importance of tech writing.

Tech Writing: My Lead-Generating Journey

In the early months of 2020, while the world grappled with the uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID-19, I found...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read
A minimalist, 4K-resolution backdrop of a soft gradient transitioning from sky blue at the top to silver-gray at the bottom. Centered is a sleek web browser frame with a Google search bar inside. A downward arrow made of broken, faded segments points from the search bar towards the bottom, symbolizing a decrease in ranking.

Mistakes That Make Your Website Rank Lower On Google

Whether you’re a website owner or a Web Developer, you need to read this article very carefully and do your best...
Mohamed Soufan
2 min read