Tech Writing: My Lead-Generating Journey

Tech Writing: My Lead-Generating Journey

In the early months of 2020, while the world grappled with the uncertainty and isolation brought on by COVID-19, I found myself in a similar state of limbo in my home country, Lebanon. Meanwhile, as a Software Engineer specializing in Flutter and AI Chatbots, this sudden pause in regular life presented an unexpected opportunity – a chance to engage with the broader digital community through tech writing.

I embarked on this journey with a straightforward goal: to share my knowledge and passion for software and AI. Little did I realize, this decision would soon pave the way to new horizons in my career.

Coding Narratives: Unveiling My Journey as a Tech Author

The pandemic-induced lockdowns confined us indoors, shrinking our physical worlds while expanding our digital realms into vast, uncharted territories.

In this newfound space, I turned to platforms like MediumQuora, and LinkedIn. These weren’t just platforms; they became my new workshop, my testing ground for ideas, and a bridge to connect with like-minded individuals and potential clients.

Initially, my tech writing focused on sharing technical insights and experiences as a Flutter developer and AI Chatbot creator.

However, as I delved deeper, my articles began to reflect a more personal touch, intertwining professional knowledge with personal anecdotes.

This blend of technical expertise and storytelling resonated with my readers.

Building Bridges with Words

On Quoramy answers to complex questions began gaining traction. Each upvote felt like a nod of approval, and every comment sparked a discussion worth having.

Subsequently, LinkedIn provided a platform to network with peers and industry leaders, effectively expanding my professional circle beyond Lebanon’s borders.

However, it was on Medium where I truly found my voice.

Here, my articles were not merely about sharing knowledge; they were about initiating conversations. Each story I shared was a piece of me, an invitation to readers to join my journey, adding a personal touch to the professional dialogue.

The Unseen Hero of Tech Writing: SEO

Behind the scenes, a crucial, yet often unseen hero was at play – Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Gradually, I learned that writing extended beyond merely pouring thoughts onto a digital canvas; it involved strategically making those thoughts discoverable.

Consequently, by delving into and implementing effective SEO strategies, my articles began to surface in Google searches, marking a significant milestone in my tech writing journey.

The search Results on Google for "Are Chatbot Conversations private?" showing Mohamed Soufan's latest article about AI Chatbots. Representing the impact of Tech Writing on SEO.
A screenshot of Google results showing an article that shows up when searching for Flutter, to represent the power of tech writing.

People looking for information about Flutter development or AI Chatbots began stumbling upon my tech writings, and my inbox started filling with queries and opportunities

A screenshot of Google results showing an article that shows up when searching for AI Chatbots, to represent the power of tech writing.

From Tech Writing and Engagement to Leads

As my online presence grew, so did my client base. Each article, each answered question on Quora, each post on LinkedIn became a beacon, attracting clients.

They didn’t come just for a developer; they came for the person behind the articles, the expert who could explain complex concepts in relatable terms.

My writings were no longer just a form of expression; they had become a powerful tool for organic lead generation.

A lead conversation on LinkedIn generated through tech writing efforts and SEO.
A message received on LinkedIn from a prospect after tech writing journey to represent the power of SEO.

Beyond Borders

The impact of my digital engagement was profound. I received messages from around the globe, connected with clients from various industries, and embarked on projects that were both challenging and rewarding.

My small corner in Lebanon expanded into a global stage, where my words could reach anyone, anywhere.

A Reflection

Looking back, what started as a way to pass time during lockdowns became a cornerstone of my professional life. Tech Writing and sharing my knowledge not only helped me grow as a Software Engineer but also as an influencer in the tech world. It’s a testament to the power of human connection, the importance of sharing knowledge, and the unseen potentials of SEO in driving organic growth and sales.

In a world where digital presence is paramount, my journey underscores a simple truth: when you engage genuinely with your industry and community, the world not only listens – it responds.Mohamed Soufan

As I continue my journey, the lessons learned from this experience remain invaluable.

Writing is more than a form of expression; it’s a bridge between knowledge and opportunity, a tool for growth, and a pathway to new horizons.

Whether you’re a software engineer, a marketer, or an entrepreneur, embracing the power of writing can open doors you never knew existed.